5 Important Health Benefits Of Sourdough

Sourdough is one of the most popular bread choices for a customer that frequents an organic bakery in Sydney or is after wholesale bread in Sydney. From restaurants, cafes to shopping centres, it’s not hard to find sourdough bread and even sourdough organic bread in Sydney.

Even if you go to a gluten-free bakery in Sydney, they should have varieties of sourdough that are gluten-free.

The added bonus is, sourdough is not just a popular choice, but it’s also healthy. Here are some common health benefits when it comes to sourdough.

It’s good for your gut

If you walk into an organic bakery in Sydney or looking for wholesale bread in Sydney, ask for sourdough. Being fermented dough, sourdough is created from flour that allows for the yeast and bacteria occur naturally. Fermenting causes a chain reaction in our bodies that produces lactic acid, and lactic acid is great for our digestive system. It promotes healthy gut bacteria and boosts the immune system. Any gluten-free bakery in Sydney will tell you that sourdough is easily the most digestible and tolerable for those with gluten intolerance.

It’s low in sugar

If you are looking for organic bread in Sydney and you want to watch your sugar intake, then sourdough is your answer. Lots of sugar isn’t great for our bodies, and with almost everything we eat nowadays containing hidden sugars, it’s good to eat bread that you know is actually low in sugar. The fermentation process gets rid of residual sugars.

It self-preserves

Sourdough actually lasts for a longer time than most other breads. This is due to the fact that it holds its moisture and the fermentation process kills bacteria. It also is the type of bread that prevents the growth of mold.

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