Health Benefits of Organic Bread

The benefits of organic food are numerous. They are produced without harmful pesticides and chemicals, and contain natural, healthy, whole food ingredients that provide vital nutrients to your body!

Breadfern Organic Bakery Sydney offers quality organic bread that is baked using only the best local ingredients.

Conventional Bread
Conventional bread is often mass produced and contains a number of preservatives and additives. The grain used in conventional bread is exposed to a number of pesticides, and the refining process can amount in the loss of a huge 75% of the bread’s nutrients. Conventional bread is usually white because of its short fermentation time.

Organic Bread
The organic grain that is used in organic bread has been exposed to fewer irrigation methods than conventional bread. No pesticides or synthetic fertilisers have been used in the growth of the grain which means that there are many more nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in quality organic bread. Organic bread also is made with traditional yeast rather than industrial yeast.
Organic bread is usually brown due to the longer fermentation time taken with the dough.
The ingredients and cooking method of organic bread also ensures that it smells and tastes divine!

Your Gluten Free Bakery Sydney Area
Many people have gluten allergies or prefer not to eat gluten for health reasons. As well as being organic we provide many gluten free options, not only with our quality breads but also with our many scrumptious cakes. We also supply vegan options.

As well as the outstanding health benefits of organic bread there is the taste factor! Eating quality, fresh, straight out of the oven bread is just plain good for the soul! What a delicious way to get those glorious nutrients into your body!

Contact, Breadfern Organic Bakery Waterloo and Sydney areas is a supplier of Organic bread& Gluten free bread that can, if required, be purchased in bulk.

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