Why Artisan Bread is Good for You

With the focus on low carb meal plans such as Paleo and ketogenic diets, many people have been eliminating bread completely. Quality artisan bread, however, is good for you! It is made from real food, quality organic ingredients, and is slowly baked for optimum nutrition.

Quality Bread Takes Time to Prepare

Food preparation and consumption has altered significantly – our bodies have been unable to adapt. Processed bread are prepared quickly and made with preservatives and processed foods. Today’s fast-paced lifestyles mean that we eat more takeaway – and less food that is prepared from scratch. Quality organic breads have been replaced in the stores by processed white bread. Slow cooked healthy artisan bread takes time to prepare and naturally ferment. The slow fermentation process combined with the healthy ingredients creates a food that is good for you – and tastes delicious.

Some Carbohydrates are Necessary for a Balanced Diet

Carbohydrates are necessary for fuel and to give us energy. Eliminating carbs from our diets altogether can cause mood swings, lack of focus, and hunger pangs that will have us reaching for a chocolate bar or coffee come mid-afternoon! Artisan bread from our organic bakery in Sydney will, in moderation, balance your blood sugar levels and give you an even amount of energy throughout the day.

Vitamins and Minerals

A slowly baked bread made with natural ingredients is healthy, relieves bloating and adds vitamins and minerals to your diet. Sourdoughs, gluten-free options, and ryes are all filled with fiber and healthy ingredients that keep you full longer, taste delicious and are nutritious.

Organic Ingredients

Our quality artisan bread is made using only natural and organic ingredients, locally sourced where possible.

At Breadfern Organic and Gluten Free Bakery in Sydney, we have a range of delicious, nutritious bread available. We also have wholesale bread in the store. Contact us today!

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