Why You Should Eat More Bread

Bread is not only delicious, it is highly nutritious!  Despite the low carb trend, there are many reasons for eating more bread. Carbohydrates have many health benefits. Low GI carbs balance your sugar levels, keep you full for longer, and stop those sugar cravings!

Whole Bread Is Healthy

Choosing traditionally prepared, slow baked bread and eliminating store bought processed white will see you reap the benefits in terms of health and vitality. The fibre in organic bread helps your digestion, gives you essential energy, improves your skin and hair and makes you feel great.

Reduces Health Risks

Whatever your age or body type, eating whole grain bread is beneficial to reduce the risks of many serious health problems. As whole bread balances your blood sugar levels it is ideal for those with diabetes and will help prevent high blood pressure, colon cancer, and obesity.Our organic bread in Sydney is highly nutritious and made from only fresh local ingredients. Research shows that healthy organic grainy bread will help you to live a longer healthier life.

You Don’t Need a Lot

Although three serves of quality bread are ideal, just one slice of bread each day will see you reap the benefits of eating tasting nutritious bread. Be sure to purchase organic bread. Grains, ryes, and sourdoughs from our organic bakery in Sydney are ideal.

Great for Mood

Good carbohydrates increase levels of serotonin in the brain, and by doing so you feel happier and less anxious. Having a nutritious sandwich for lunch will fill you up and keep you feeling good for the rest of the day!

Perfect for Weight Loss

Quality baked bread fills you up which means that you won’t be reaching for that sugary snack come mid-afternoon. Combined with the fibre in quality breads, this helps with weight loss.

Our organic bakery in Sydney supplies a range of delicious, healthy breads, including gluten-free. We also sell wholesale breads. Contact us for the best 100% organic bread in Sydney.

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