Why Bread is an Important Component of Healthy Eating?

Many people in Sydney are eliminating bread from their diet because of allergies, food intolerances, and low carbohydrate diets. But did you know that eating scrumptious, quality slow baked bread is actually a vital component of healthy eating? Bread is an essential part of a balanced diet. It is low in fat and high in fibre.

When buying organic bread Sydney residents reap many health benefits. It is slow cooked using the freshest of ingredients. Low GI bread, along with other low GI foods, will keep you full for longer and balance your sugar levels. It all depends on the type of bread that you buy!

Not All Bread is Equal

Unlike mass produced processed bread, breads from our organic bakery in Sydney are made from the finest of ingredients and are slow baked fresh on our premises. You can be sure when you purchase any one of our quality breads that you are adding nutrition to your diet in the way of fibre, seeds, and quality grains.

Bread from our Organic Bakery Sydney Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Quality bread is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is a great source of protein. Wholegrain bread contains zinc, B vitamins, iron, selenium and vitamin E. The vitamins contained in bread help the body to repair, assist in getting a good nights’ sleep, protect cells, heal, and convert food into energy.


The body needs some carbohydrates for fuel.  When purchasing quality fresh organic bread Sydneysiders access low GI carbohydrates. Your sugar levels are balanced and you have more energy. Our delicious organic breads can actually help you to lose weight! Quality carbohydrates give you energy and allow you to live life to the full.


Quality breads, particularly sourdough and rye breads, are a great source of fibre. This keeps you fuller longer and makes for a healthy digestive system.

Delicious quality Bread is an important part of any healthy eating plan. To order, contact us at Bredfern. We provide scrumptious gluten free, organic and wholesale bread Sydney areas.

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