What are the Healthy and Delicious Types of Bread for Weight Loss?

Contrary to popular belief, dieting does not mean that you need to avoid bread altogether! The good news is, wholesome bread types are great for those trying to eat more healthily, and also if you are trying to lose weight. They contain essential nutrients and vitamins and promote weight loss.

Artisan, organic and gluten free breads from our Gluten Free and Organic Bakery Sydney are great for health and weight loss and what’s more they taste fantastic! The following are examples of breads that are great to add to your diet when you are watching your waistline:


Of all the organic bread Sydney has available, the absolute best bread for weight loss is sourdough bread. This delicious high fibre bread is packed with nutrients. The high fibre content balances blood sugar levels and reduces the production of insulin.

Flaxseed Bread

Fantastic for weight loss this bread contains only healthy ingredients, and is loaded with essential fatty acids. It is fibre rich and a terrific source of selenium, potassium and manganese. As well as promoting weight loss these ingredients all help you to sleep as well!

Rye Bread

Completely free from wheat, rye bread relieves bloating and discomfort. It is high fibre and low calorie.

Whole Wheat Bread

Slow baked wheat bread from an organic bakery is loaded with nutrients and will help you to lose weight. Whole wheat bread is only unhealthy if it is made with processed foods and mass produced.

Gluten Free Bread

Breadfern Gluten free bakery Sydney bakes delicious gluten free bread that is perfect for coeliacs, and also terrific for those wanting to lose weight or just looking after their health.


At Breadfern we specialise in nutrient dense breads that are great for your body and your waist line as well as your taste buds. We take pride in baking delicious and nutritious gluten free, rye and sourdough wholesale bread Sydney areas. We service Redfern and surrounding areas. Contact us for delicious wholesome breads today!

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