Four Main Reasons Why You Should Buy Artisan Breads

Bread has of late received a bad reputation in Australia and overseas, and many people are avoiding it, particularly if they are on diets, detoxing, or generally health conscious. Quality artisan bread, however, contains many nutrients that are wholesome, great for the body, and taste terrific! As an organic bakery Sydney area, we give you four main reasons why you should buy artisan bread:

  1. Artisan Bread Contains Highly Nutritional Ingredients

Artisan bread is loaded with nutrition. Our bread at Breadfern Wholesale Bakery Sydney is baked and prepared in a way that is good for you! Everyone other than celiacs can have this bread. For celiacs, we provide delicious gluten free bread options.

Made with natural starters, containing nutritional enzymes, and a variety of different ingredients, artisan bread is good for you. Depending on the type of bread the ingredients can include buckwheat, barley, whole grains and more.

  1. It Is Slow Baked

Taking up to 24 hours to prepare, artisan bread is slowly fermented. The process of baking is dedicated and careful, making this hand-crafted bread delicious and perfectly formed. We take time to create a quality and tasty product.

  1. Minimises Bloating

Quality artisan bread is easy on the digestion system, minimizes bloating and also lasts much longer than the mass produced highly processed bread that is purchased from the supermarket. It contains fiber and antioxidants and is great for circulation and digestion.

  1. It Tastes Amazing!

Quality Artisan bread is delicious. It has a fresh taste and is carefully made, making it full of flavor. Our organic bread Sydney bakery creates artisan bread using only the most fresh and natural of ingredients.

Artisan bread is nutritious even though it contains gluten! It is all about moderation. Breadfern Organic Bakery Waterloo provides fresh artisan bread daily, direct to the public and also wholesale. Contact us today.

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